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    This sprouting seed assortment includes: Alfalfa, Radish, Clover, Lentil, Mung, Garbanzo, Green Pea, Bean Salad Mix, Protein Powerhouse Mix, Crunchy Lentil Mix, 3 Part Salad Mix & 5 Part Salad Mix. 1 Lb. Of Each Type. Certified Organic.


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    The Beginner's Dozen Sprouting Seed Selection

    An incredible 12 Pound assortment of certified organic and high germination rate sprouting seeds.  Packaged in a mylar resealable bags for long shelf life.  All seeds are microbial tested.  A great selection of different sprouting seeds for serious sprouters.  Some sprout seeds in the collection like garbanzo, radish, lentil and green pea can be multi-purposed for garden seeds, soup & cooking ingredients, food storage & more.

    1 LB Each of:

    The Beginner's Dozen is the Ultimate Sprouting Seed Collection! Growing Sprouts is Fun and Easy, Buy Your Beginner's Dozen Assortment Today!