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    Made from all natural broccoli sprouts -Handy Pantry vegan broccoli capsules with sulforaphane are lab essayed and quality guaranteed.  100% natural ingredients. 30 capsules per bottle, lasts 15 days at 2 capsules per serving.

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    Broccoli Sprout Capsules - Powdered Broccoli Sprouts with Sulforaphane

    30 Supplement Capsules per Bottle

    1 Serving = 2 Capsules

    Each Serving Contains:

    740 mg Broccoli Sprout Concentrate at:

    • 0.3% Sulforaphane
    • 6% Glucosinolates


    • Each Capsule = 370 mg
    • Vegan / Vegetarian Capsules
    • 100% Animal Product free

    Handy Pantry Broccoli Capsules are made from naturally grown broccoli sprouts, carefully vacuum dried to preserve their sulforaphane content. Our Broccoli Sprout Powder Capsules are lab essayed and quality guaranteed.   Sulforaphane is found in large quantities in broccoli and increased levels of 30-50 times the potency are found in broccoli sprout.