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    Red clover are becoming a very popular salad and sandwich sprout, very similar to alfalfa sprouts with a mild flavor with a hint of sweetness.  High germination rate, available in several sizes & resealable packaging. Certified Organic. 

    Clover - 4 oz Clover  - 8 oz Clover - 1 Lb Bag Clover - 2.5 Lb Bag Clover - 5 LB Can
    Clover - 35 LB Bucket

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    Certified Organic Red Clover Sprouting Seeds

    • Certified Organic
    • High Germination Rate
    • Resealable Packaging
    • Microbial Tested
    • Sprouting
    • Hydroponics & Microgreens
    • Food Storage
    • More

    Red clover sprouts are a popular alternative to alfalfa sprouts. They are reliable growers and have a mild pleasant slightly sweet taste.  They are great by themselves, in a sprouting mix, as a highlight for a traditional salad, on sandwiches and more.  When exposed to light they grow green & rich with Chlorophyll and Vitamins. Organic Red Clover Seeds Make a mild sweet addition to Sprout Salads.

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