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    Green Pea Sprouts have a delicious crunchy mildly sweet flavor.  These dried green peas have a great germination rate as seeds, and can be used for microgreens, food storage, cooking and more. Available in various quantities. Certified Organic.

    Green Peas - 8 Oz Green Peas - 16 oz Green Peas - 2.5 Lb Bag Green Peas - 5 Lb Can Green Peas - 35 Lb Bucket

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    Certified Organic Green Pea

    • Resealable Packaging
    • Microbial Tested
    • High Germination Rate
    • Certified Organic
    • Sprouts & Microgreens
    • Food Storage
    • Cooking & Recipes
    • Dried

    Organic Green Peas are Perfect for sprouting, gardening, soup, food storage & more. These organic green pea seeds have a high germination rate and have been microbial tested. Organic Green Pea seed sprout well using the jar method, tray method or by using the sprout sack!  Green pea sprouts have a delightful sweet flavor with a nice crunch.  They make an interesting addition to soups and salads.  

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    We like these as Microgreens best!


    We tried sprouting these, but they had a little bitter flavor - But LOVE these as Microgreens!!! I use the plastic trays that organic lettuce comes in(you can poke holes in main tray and use the lid as a drip tray, add an inch of soil and plant the pre-soaked peas in the trays- plant thickly. Place in bright window. When several inches high snip with scissors and eat on salads or by themselves with a light dressing. Wonderful!