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KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat is an ancient relative of modern durum wheat, originating in Mesopotamia. It is versatile and can be used for everything from sprouting to kamut grass, to baking & beer making. Great for food storage. Certified Organic.


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Certified Organic Kamut Grain - Sprouting Seeds

Kamut - Triticum turanicum

  • High Germination Rate
  • Certified Organic
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Survival Food Storage
  • Kamut Grass for Juicing
  • Breakfast Cereal / Pilaf
  • Grind for flour
  • Baking / Cooking
  • More

Kamut® is a trademark for ancient variety of grain called khorasan The KAMUT® trademark is a guarantee that the grain has never been hybridized or genetically modified, meets strict quality standards and is always organically grown. An individual grain of Kamut® Brand wheat looks like regular wheat only the individual grain seed is more than twice the length of regular wheat. Khorasan found its way to Montana after WWII when a US airman sent a handful to his father’s farm. The wheat had been nearly forgotten when Bob Quinn, an organic farmer in Montana, began to study it and uncovered its exceptional qualities.

Kamut® grain is just as versatile as wheat and can be used from everything from sprouting, to Kamut® flour to beer making.

Kamut® is higher in protein than most modern wheat and some people who are sensitive to modern wheat find that they have less trouble with Kamut®. Indeed it's popularity is due in large part to this aspect (but check with your doctor first if you do have a wheat allergy). Research conducted on behalf of Kamut International has shown that 70% of people who have sensitivities to modern wheat, can tolerate KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat. It is an excellent alternative to modern wheat, as it is always organically grown and non-GMO. Additionally, KAMUT® Brand wheat contains a higher percentage of lipids and amino acids and is also higher in many minerals, especially selenium, zinc, and magnesium compared to modern wheat. You can substitute Kamut® and Kamut® flour for any recipe calling for wheat or wheat flour. It makes bread that is a little more dense and heavy than bread made with wheat.

Kamut® is a flavorful grain that is naturally less bitter and sweeter than wheat. If you bake with it you might experiment with using less sugar than usual.