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Use onion sprouts to spice up any sprout salad, or use as a garnish on a variety of dishes. Onion sprouts taste just like onions or scallions. Available from 1lb to bulk in resealable packaging. High germination. Chemical free but not organic.


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Onion Sprouting Seeds

  • Chemical Free - Not Organic
  • High Germination Rate
  • Microbial Tested
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Suitable For Sprouting
  • Delicious Salad Sprouts
  • Great For Gardening

Onion seeds are some of the most beautiful sprouting seeds, being a deep rich and uniform black color.

Onion sprouts are among the most flavorful sprouts. A sprouted onion seed is like a very tiny onion or scallion, and onion sprouts taste just like onions, but not quite so powerful. They make an excellent addition to salads, and onion sprouts can be substituted for onions in any salad and some recipes.

Onion sprouting seed has shorter shelf life than most types of sprouting seed. Storing the seeds in your freezer will extend their shelf life. Shelf life is usually over a year, even without freezing. After that time, the germination rate begins to decline. Keep condensation off the seeds by returning them to the freezer in a sealed container quickly.

Onion sprouts are slower growing sprouts, sometimes taking a week an a half to grow to a full sized sprout.

Soak seeds overnight, but not much longer. Sink any floating seeds. Rinse twice a day in cool water and drain thoroughly.

Onion sprouts are very nutritious being high in minerals and vitamins A, B, C and E.

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