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    Quinoa is a psuedo grain with many uses: sprouting, grinding into gluten free flour, cooked into a porridge or pilaf, toasted & more. Available in several sizes from small to bulk in resealable packaging. Will germinate, but lower germination rate. Certified Organic.

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    Certified Organic Quinoa Grain | Sprouting Seeds

    • Quinoa - Chenopodium Quinoa 
    • Pronounced "Keen-Wah"
    • Resealable Packaging
    • Microbial Tested
    • Certified Organic
    • Low Germination Rate
    • Perfect for Edible Seeds
    • Survival Food Storage
    • Breakfast Cereal / Pilaf
    • Toasted Seeds
    • Grind into Flour for Gluten Free Baking
    • More

    Quinoa seeds were a staple food source in South America for 6000 years. Quinoa is a psuedo grain, in that it is not a grass like most grains. Quinoa is an excellent source of vitamins and essential amino acids and contain no gluten. Quinoa sprouts are the only spout to contain all essential amino acids for humans.

    Quinoa seeds can be eaten raw or sprouted, when ground into gluten free flour for baking. Quinoa makes a great breakfast cereal alone or can be added to oatmeal.

    Quinoa sprouts are the fastest growing sprout needing only to be soaked for about half an hour, and typically begin to sprout within hours. Quinoa sprouts are beautiful and delicious. Best when less than a day and a half sprouted as they retain their crunchy texture and flavor. Longer growth changes the consistency to a much softer sprout.

    Note: Quinoa doesn't like to be soaked for very long if sprouting. We recommend an initial soak of an hour or so.  Oversoaked quinoa will sprout poorly, or not at all.

    Additional Easy Sprouting information: