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    Use our sprout, fruit and vegetable wash for a better, crisper crop of sprouts. Helps control mold and growth of unwanted microbials in sprouts and wheatgrass. 16 Oz. Spray bottle. Also helps remove harmful chemicals and pesticides from fruits & vegetables.


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    Sprout, Fruit & Vegetable Wash - 16 Oz. Spray Bottle

    All Natural Veggie Wash Comes In a 16 Oz. Spray Bottle. Veggie Wash Removes Surface-borne Contaminates Like Dirt, Wax, Chemicals, Pesticides & Mold Spores. Increases Crispness of Sprouts, Fruits & Veggies. Excellent for Controlling Mold in Sprouting & Wheatgrass. Veggie Wash is Earth Friendly & Biodegradable. 

    Ingredients: Water, Glycerol (from vegetables sources), Potassium Hydroxide (from basic minerals), Ethyl Alcohol (from corn), Oleic Acid (from vegetable sources), Baking Soda (from basic minerals), Citric Acid (from corn syrup)

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