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The Pro-Gro Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) grow kit is our most popular, easy-to-grow growing kit. This kit is made up of a vigorously producing commercial shiitake strain. It comes fully colonized and ready to fruit fresh home grown, shiitake mushrooms. The kit will produce up to 2 lbs of fresh mushrooms over 2-3 months.


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The Mojo Pro-Gro Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit

***This kit must be started within 2 weeks of receiving it. If you cannot start it within 2 weeks, you can place it in the refrigerator to keep it dormant for up to 6 weeks before it must be started. Do not allow the kit to freeze.***

Required Temperature Range: 55F - 85F

  • Most Popular mushroom in Asia
  • Very high in protein--great meat replacement
  • Excellent for the Immune system
  • Grows well in drier climates
  • Will produce up to 2 lbs of fresh shiitake mushrooms
  • Easy-to-grow kit
  • Great as a Gift

Grow your own edible Shiitake Mushrooms. This is our most popular grow kit, and for a reason. Shiitake have a very bold and almost meaty flavor that can add a big kick to any dish. They are extremely healthy including high amounts of protein, and many excellent benefits for the immune system. The ideal temperature range for your kit is 50 - 80 F°. You can harvest fresh mushrooms about once per month.

Kit Includes: Fully sterilized sawdust block, colonized with a vigorous commercial shiitake strain. Small mister. Humidity Tent. Growing Instruction.

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