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    The Tower Garden Growing System is 5 foot aeroponic planter that will grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, all without the use of soil.  Grow up to 20 plants simultaneously, even faster than traditional gardening.
    To Order, Please visit our Tower Garden Website

    Tower Garden Grow System by Juice Plus - Aeroponic Gardening

    To Order, Please visit our Tower Garden Website

    The Tower Garden Growing System from Juice Plus is a 5 foot tall planter that allows you to aeroponically grow plants in less time than it takes to grow them in soil.  While allowing up to 20 plants to grow at once, no soil is needed to produce full, healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers.

    Benefits include-

    • No soil means no weeding, kneeling, or getting dirty
    • With the extension kit (sold seperately) expand planting capacity to 28 plants
    • Perfect for first time gardeners
    • Plants consume around 10% of traditional nutrients and water.
    • Small footprint makes it great for decks, patios, terraces, and more
    • Grows plants faster than traditional growing methods
    • Made from food grade plastic, both USDA approved and UV stabilized
    • Measuring Cup
    • 20 Rock wool started cubes & net pots
    • pH test kit with 1 bottle pH+ and 1 bottle pH-
    • Seed starting enviro-dome
    • Tower Tonic Mineral blend plant food
    • Seed starter kit including: cherry tomatoes, lettuce, basil, beefsteak tomatoes, and cucumber
    • Drain tube with pump & timer
    • Tower garden vertical aeroponic garden
    For beginning gardeners and experts alike, the Tower Garden Growing System is an excellent aeroponic alternative to traditional, soil based gardening.