Wheatgrass Exposed

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Has anyone ever noticed that people of our world eat so many quantities of wheat  in highly processed and lifeless, enzymeless forms like breads, bagels, donuts, pizza, cookies, and desserts? Do they realize that the nutritional benefit and the healing power of wheat are hidden in the wheat berry (aka seed) itself? 

Wheatgrass, which is the 10 to 14 days grown grass, contains the entire range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients that your body requires. Whereas wheat's more popular forms, consumed by millions of uneducated people, is totally void of life or health-giving properties. Although the leading body experts, known as doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, and scientists have been aware for well over 60 years (possibly centuries) about the miraculous qualities of wheatgrass and chlorophyll, they seemed to have left it up to us to "discover it." Thanks to caring people like Ann Wigmore and Victoras Kulvinskas, countless numbers of people have been given a new lease on life, better health and peace of mind using wheatgrass juice and living foods. 

Wheatberries, like all other sprout seeds, remind us that life force or the innate healing power is hidden within us. When we expose and release this energy (like sprouting does for seeds) by drinking or applying wheatgrass, our bodies and minds regenerate into the strong beautiful and healthy forms they were created to become. 

The simple things that life offers us still contain not only amazing answers to our seemingly most difficult human conditions but also teach us the basic laws for true happiness and survival. As a survival food, storing wheat berries is, in my opinion, a must. Not only because you can live off wheatgrass, if necessary, but you can also turn wheat berry sprouts into an incredible variety of foods. Some of these include sprouted bread, cookies, sprouted pizza, desserts, rejuvelac, sprouted wheat germ, and wheat milk. You can use the wheatgrass pulp for external wounds, blemishes, rashes, and bruises. And with even more imagination, the wheatgrass juice can be taken internally through other areas (eyes, ears, and nose) and can benefit all possible ailments. If you are ever without other herbs, essential oils, or remedies, wheat berries are a complete first aid kit the Creator has given us. Give your body, your most sacred possession: the gift of life and love. Wheatgrass! May the juice be with you!

by Christopher Stewart

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