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Made with real Wheatgrass Juice!  These fizzy vegan bath bombs bring the relaxing aromatherapy of lavender, and the benefits of wheatgrass to your next soak.  Pack of 6 - 2oz. balls.


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Wheatgrass & Lavender Vegan Fizzing Bath Bombs (6 pack)

These potent little fizzy bath bombs create a world of relaxation all its own. These all natural bath bombs are a blend of sea salts, essential oils, and botanicals with a dash of water softening science all packed into a neat little fizz ball. Just toss one of these in the tub with you, sit back, and soak in the relaxation. Each package contains 6 fizzing bath bombs, weighing around 2 oz each.

  • Vegan (No Animal Products)
  • All natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Recycled Material Packaging
  • 6 Aromatherapy Bath Bombs